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Environmental Protection

Another area of passion for Champion Technology is the importance of environmental sustainability. The Group is committed to develop its “green” vision and strategy, working closely with our suppliers to implement “green” initiatives. The Group is a signatory to the Hong Kong SAR Government's “Carbon Audit – Green Partners” Scheme which aims at engaging corporates and NGOs (non-profit organisations) to reduce greenhouse gas emission in Hong Kong . Champion Technology takes positive measures to protect the environment, adhering to the sustainable development strategy, as well as to support and promote environmental friendliness. We will take into consideration the environmental aspects and benefits when planning our activities.

In particular, we promote the following Green Actions in the office environment and adopt a Green Education Initiative:

GREEN Actions in the Office
  • divide the office into different zones and switch off un-necessary lighting and air-conditioning in zones where such facilities are not necessary
  • maintain the air-conditioning temperature at appropriate level
  • replace traditional light bulbs with energy-saving ones such as LE (Low Emission) lights where applicable
  • use energy-efficient electrical appliances where applicable
  • encourage walking upstairs/downstairs instead of taking the lift to different floors of the office where appropriate

Office Supplies 

  • reduce un-necessary copying and printing; and encourage copying and printing on both sides of the paper where appropriate
  • use electronic means for paper-less communications where appropriate
  • use recycled paper and environment-friendly equipment and material where appropriate
  • reduce wastage by re-using office supplies, stationary, personal computers, notebook computers, equipment and electrical appliances where appropriate
  • participate in the waste computer and electrical equipment recovery program; and donate un-wanted personal computers, notebook computers and equipment to charitable organizations where appropriate
  • reduce food wastage by proper food arrangement in corporate events such as breakfast meetings, shareholders' meetings and festival parties

GREEN Education for Staff Members and Community Initiatives

  • share practical tips and experience among staff members on environmental protection, energy saving and food and water conservation; and encourage them to share the information with their family and friends
  • enhance climate change awareness and offer environmental protection education among staff members
  • support community initiatives in environmental protection; and encourage staff members to volunteer for community services in relevant areas
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